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A Fitting Tribute

At Crandall’s Memorials we offer mausoleums, sculptures, benches, monuments, and markers. Our professionals can produce memorial designs and public memorials for veterans, firefighters, and police officers. We install veteran’s plaques and engrave death dates in all local cemeteries. In addition, we also offer restoration work and the cleaning and maintenance of memorials.

With any major purchase, you want to be sure the service and quality you receive is the best. Crandall’s Memorials is dedicated to helping you understand all the options available, and we commit ourselves to explaining the differences in cost and quality before you make a decision.

As an authorized Rock of Ages dealer, we carry and understand the various options in material:

Crandall’s Memorials, New York

Quality of Material

Not all granite memorials are the same, with any natural resource there is a difference in quality. Just like lumber, steel, or even maple syrup the quality of granite is graded. Crandall’s Memorials understands the difference in the varying grades of granite and selects the proper material for each memorial sold. From a private mausoleum to the smallest marker you can be assured that a memorial from Crandall’s will stand the test of time.


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